Lutron Dimmer Light Switches with Remote

Model #: MIR-600THW-WH (1 Way Version)

Model #: MIR-603THW-WH (3 Way Version) – Check Ebay for better pricing.

To me this is the ultimate light switches for the following reasons:

  1. Convenience: Everyone thinks that they want to control their lights on their phone.  However, in theory it sounds better.  The reality is I want a quick way to change my light settings without having to take my phone out, unlock my phone, find the Light App, click the right remote, then slide the dimmer.  With this remote, I pick it up and start dimming.  The easiest comparison would be to utilize your phone instead of a TV Remote Control…I would be incredibly annoyed if I couldn’t use a remote.
  2. Favorite Setting:  The Big Grey button can be set to your favorite dim setting.  To have it remember the setting you like, you just simply hold the Big Grey button for 3 seconds.
  3. High-end Feel: Rather than having your lights slap on as soon as you flip the switch, instead you can have the elegantly dim on and off to the last light setting.  There are even advanced settings to allow you to increase the speed and decrease the time it takes to dim to the last setting.  I’ve personally modified these settings to make it even more elegant in my opinion (slowed down the dimming a bit more).
  4. Lazy In Bed: I have this in all of my bedrooms.  Nothing better than not having to get up to turn off the lights.
  5. Lazy On The Couch: Nothing better than not having to get up to dim the lights for a movie.
  6. Multiple Switches: Yes, you can use the same remote for any light switch that allows a remote controller.  I specifically setup the switches to sometimes be on different panels if I know that I want to control them separately.  By pointing the remote at the switch I want, it will then be able to dim just that switch panel.
  7. Remote Control Distance: The remote can control the switch across my whole top floor (open floor plan).  That’s about 75 feet.