Ruvati 32-inch Workstation Ledge Undermount Sink

To me this is the ultimate sink for the following reasons:

  1. Has the ledges which allows you to put all the cool accessories within the sink.
    1. Cutting Board
    2. Drying Grate Rack
  2. The Accessory I utilize most is Drying Grate Rack.  I ended up leaving it on the sink at all times.  It’s great because…
    1. It’s nice to have a second drying rack. Note: I’ll have it fold in half so that way it doesn’t have to take too much space.
    2. Sometimes I slide it to the middle for washing a pan when I have too many dirty dishes in the sink.  By putting the pan on top, it allows me to comfortably wash the pan on top without forcing me to hold the heavy pan in my other hand.
  3. Single -basin:  I previously had a double sink which I completely dislike.  With the double, I couldn’t watch cooking trays easily or large pots.  Generally the garbage disposal is on the smaller sink.  However, it’s annoying because any food that goes into the basin without the Garbage Disposal needs to be manually removed by hand since it can’t wash down.   I really can’t think of one advantage to preferring the 2 basins.
  4. Sink Depth:  This sink is much deeper than my previous sinks.  This allows me to fit more in but also allows any dirty dishes to be hidden from view.   When running a dishwasher load, I always temporarily have dishes in the sink…. now they’re hidden.
  5. 32″ Width: Having a wider sink means being able to fit way more items in the sink.  I recommend going for the large size.
  6. The grate at the bottom of the sink is amazing.
    1. It helps prevent dishes and silverware from scratching the bottom.
    2. It allows the water from the faucet to wash food down the sink while all your dishes remain on top of the grate.  The only negative is that if you want to thoroughly clean the bottom, then you have to lift up one side of the grate to wipe underneath.