Delta Touch2O Kitchen Sink Faucet

Model #: Delta Kitchen Sink Faucet 9913T-DST

To me this is my favorite kitchen sink faucet for the following reasons:

  1. Touch On/Off Water: The touch is pure luxury. The best part is when you hands are dirty, you now don’t have to get your kitchen sink handle dirty (especially important if handling raw meat).   You can just use your foream and touch the faucet.  The amount of force is literally the second your skin touches the surface.  Interestingly you can touch any part of the faucet.  I’m always touching the top of the sink handle since it is closest and most easy to access with my forearm in needed situations.
  2. Time Savings: It allows you to more quickly turn on/off your Kitchen Sink Water.  Although it saves you a second of time, the seconds add up in the kitchen. I’m constantly turning my sink on/off when cooking.  Whether it is washing fruits/veggies, my hands after handling raw meat or washing dishes/silverware.
  3. Tempsense LED Light:  There’s a mini light on the bottom of the black ring that turns from blue to red depending on the temperature.  (yes.. red is hot).  This is great indicator to not get burned or to know when the water has heated up.
  4. Pull Out Handle: I don’t know why you’d never buy a sink without a pull out handle.  This is very necessary when needing to squirt water up close on the dishes or clean around the sink.
  5. Water Settings:  The second water setting is for more pressure when wanting to squirt grime off your dishes.
  6. Installation: Not difficult.