Rev-A-Shelf Double Trash Can

Model #: Rev-A-Shelf – 53WC-1835SCDM-217

To me this is the ultimate trash can setup for the following reasons:

    1. Time Saver: When you pull out the trash from your cabinet handle, then the trash cans pull out with it.  This saves a lot of time not needing to open a cabinet and then slide out the trash can.
    2. 2 Bins: What’s nice about 2 bins, is that one can be utilize for trash and the other for recycling.
    3. Soft-Close:  Soft-close is ideal since you don’t have to worry about slamming it shut.  It’s also mandatory in my opinion for a high-end feel.
    4. Waste Containers:   The containers are 35 quarts and hold quite a lot in each.  I usually have to throw the trash every 2 days.
    5. Fits: Fits in a minimum of 15″ cabinet opening