Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal Counter Switch

To me this is my favorite Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal Counter Switch for the following reasons:

    1. Matches: Modern look to match my Delta Touch Faucet.
    2. Button: The button push down is designed to be utilized with wet or dry hands.  
    3. Top:  It’s a polished stainless steel button so not going to easily get destroyed over time vs a plastic version of the switch.
    4. Position: It is installed on the top of the counter so you can place it near your faucet for ease when wanting to turn on/off the garbage disposal.  This looks much nicer than the normal light switch that gets placed on the kitchen back splash. 
    5. Installation: Super easy to install.  Stick it in and screw it.  Attach Garbage Disposal plug to the unit and then attach unit to the outlet.
    6. Versions:  I’d go for the longer version in case your counter is thick.  The longer version will make it easier to install.